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2007 State of Michigan Energy Star Home grant

   McIntyre Builders is proud to have received the 2007 State Energy Star Home award as well as final nomination for the National Energy Value Housing Award.  This grant is awarded each year to a builder who's home demonstrates advanced energy performance principles.  The awarded home is at 219 Russwood in Grand Rapids MI. 

The home received the grant for our use of a practical cost effective approach to construct a high efficiency home that delivers heating and cooling cost that are over 50% better than a typical built home.  The design and construction of this home focuses on the basic principles of energy performance.  The home is designed with a efficient thermal envelope that reduces heat loss potential and is constructed to greatly reduce air infiltration to the home.  In typical constructed homes up to 55% of the heat loss can be attributed to the thermal envelope of the home, thus this is the single largest opportunity to improve energy performance. 

In addition the home is designed using computer simulation software that we can very accurately  determine the heating and cooling load of the home.  Because of this we are able to properly size mechanical systems in the home that will properly perform.  Heating systems that are not over sized that will deliver long steady consistent heat and will not start & stop erratically wasting energy and  cooling systems that are properly sized will run longer which will allow the AC coils to cool down providing for the efficient removal of heat & moisture from the living space of the home.

These are just the basics of energy performance for the home and we invite you to read further below to see some of the additional features used in this high performance home.


What makes this a Green Built and Energy Star Certified Home

Precast Foundation Wall System

Our homes incorporate a continuous thermal break from the basement floor to the roof line.  With the Superior Wall system this feature is integrated directly into the  pre-cast foundation wall sections.  This is a critical element in the energy  performance of the home, with typical basement construction as much as 20% of the utility cost of the home can be contributed to a inadequately insulted foundation. 


Renewable Polyurethane Foam Insulation

The number one contributor to heat loss in new homes is air infiltration.  With the thermal break in place on the exterior Polyurethane Foam combined with our Air Shield air infiltration package provides a excellent cost effective method to sealing the home.  The results of this method can be directly measured through the use of a blower door test and resulted is this home have 6 times less air infiltration than typical newly constructed homes.


Jeld-Wen Energy Star Certified

High performance windows are a key part to energy performance.  This home utilizes windows with a Low E glass that have reduce air infiltration and solar heat gain properties.  This allows for minimal air infiltration and reduce  solar heat gain in summer time.



R-5 Continuous Thermal Barrier

Combined with reduced air infiltration a continuous thermal barrier is one of the greatest areas for energy improvement.  Without a insulative thermal break from the interior to the exterior up to 25% of the wall area is uninsulated.  A thermal break reduces the conductive heat loss through studs, headers, corners etc.


95% High Efficiency Two Stage Forced Air Furnance

Once a high performing building envelope is in place the next step is to install properly sized high efficiency heating and cooling system.  One of the most common problems in new homes is the oversizing of the mechanical systems.  Improper sizing leads to inefficient operation and higher utility cost.  Systems that are computer sized using the proper energy loads for the home will be smaller in size and operate more steady and consistent.  This results in more comfortable temperature control better humidity control and lower heating & cooling cost.


On Demand Tankless Hot Water Heater

The use of tanked hot water heaters creates energy losses due to the standby losses from maintaining the storage tank.  With a tankless water heater there is no tank to constantly maintain the water temperature.  Water is heated only when needed "on demand" eliminating the standby losses from a tanked system.